Details of Faculties

AG Branch

Dr. V P Pandey, Dean & HOD AG Branch
Dr. Pandey has 19 years of diverse experiecne. He has worked in reputed concerns like Indo-Gulf Fertilizers, UPCAR, etc. He has also worked as Soil Scientist in Narendra Deo University of Agriculture & Technology, Kumarganj.
Ravindra Tiwari, M.Tech
Has done research in field of soil irrigation.
Yatendra pal Singh, M.Tech
Has 3 years of experience

Civil Branch

Prof. Ram Sevak Shukla, HOD Civil Engineering
Prof. Shukla is a veteran in field of Civil Engineering. He completed his B.Tech in Civil from Pantnagar University with O.G.P.A. 3.948 out of 5.00
He has a vast experience in U.P. Jal Nigam as Assistant Engineer, Project Manager, Executive Engineer. He retired as Superintending Engineer.
Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru had aptly said "Civil Engineering Projects are new temples of India". One should be proud of being a Civil Engineer
Kamla Kant Sahu, B.Tech
Has done specialization in RCC, Surveying, Transportation, Hydrolics , & Railway Engineering
Mohd. Yusuf, B.Tech
Has special interest in Soil Engineering, Structure Engineering,Environmental Engineering
Ms Rajni Tripathi, B.Tech
Has done specialization in Structural Analysis and Building Material and Construction

CS Branch

Mohd. Rehan, HOD Computer Science & Engineering, B.Tech, M.Tech
Area of Interest:Data Strucures using C,Object Oriented Programming.
Specialization: with HONS , B.Tech( C.S) with HONS, Core Java , J2EE, C,Oracle.
Experience: 5 years.
Achievements: Gold Medallist during M.Tech and B.Tech,various awards for his performance in managerial activities.
Mohini Kumari Sengar,  B.Tech
Area of Interest: Design and analysis of algorithms, Data Structures , Compiler Design, Computer Organization
Specialization: (Pursuing), B.Tech( C.S) I-DIV with HONS, Core Java , J2EE, C,Oracle.
Experience: 1 year
Achievements: Gold Medallist during academics, Gate Score Card with 93 percentile.
Shubra Srivastava, B.Tech
Area of Interest: Computer Networks, Software Engineering ,Operating System,Graph Theory.
Specialization: B.Tech( Computer Science & Engineering) ,ASP .NET
Experience: 2 years.
Ms Ankita Srivastava, B.Tech
Area of Interest: Compiler Design, Discrete Mathematics.
Experience: 1 year
Achievements: Throughout Topper with 83% in B.Tech
•Ms. Shivani Sharma , B.Tech                                   
Ms. Kirti Agnihotri B.Tech                                       
Shiwam Pandey, B.Tech
Area of IntereCloud Computing,Java,Animation.
Ms Shweta Singh, B.Tech
Area of Interest: C, Oracle,SQL Server, ASP.Net
Experience: 1 year

EN Branch

Sumit Mishra, HOD Electrical & Electronics. M.Tech (HBTI)
Area of Interest: Power Electronics & Control,
Specialization: M.Tech (Electrical Engg.),B.Tech (Electronics & Tele communication Engineering).
Research Interest: Power System, Stability Analysis
 Experience: More than six years.
Awards: a member of Modifying syllabus committee of CSA University etc.
Kaptan, B.Tech
Area of Interest: Electrical Machines, Power Electronics.
Specialization: B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering).
Research Interest: Power System.
Experience: Two years.
Ashutosh Trivedi, B.Tech                                   
Area of Interest: Electrical Machines, Power System Analysis.
Specialization: B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering).
Research Interest: Wireless Electricity.
Dipin Kumar Batham,B.Tech                                           
Area of Interest: Basic Electrical Engineering , Electrical Machines, Power System Analysis.
Specialization: B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering).
Research Interest: Power System.
Ms. Beena Umarao, B.Tech

EC Branch

Abhishek Bharti, HOD Electronics & Communication. B.Tech
Area of Interest: Network Synthesis & Analysis, Signals & System, Control System, Basic Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Robotics etc.
Specialization: M.Tech (Control & Instrumentation) B.Tech (Electronics Engineering), Wireless communication, Electronics Engineering, Embedded system.
Research Interest: Robotics & Embedded System, Satellite Communication, Mobile technology, etc.
Experience: More than five years.
Awards: Gold Medalist during academics, winner of Robo wars, Pick and place, Robo race achiever etc.

Shobhit Pathak, B.Tech, M.Tech (persuing) 
Area of Interest: Advanced Semiconductor Devices, Electronics & Electrical Engineering Materials.
Specialization: B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Research Interest: VLSI & chip designing.
Experience: Six years.
Shashank Mishra, B.Tech , M.Tech (persuing)
Area of Interest: Microprocessor and Digital Communication etc.
Specialization: M.Tech(Electronics & Communication Engineering ), B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering), Electronics Engineering, Embedded system.
Research Interest: Optical fiber communication.
Experience: Three years.
Rajesh Dubey,B.Tech                                           
Area of Interest: Basic Electronics & communication Engineering
Specialization: B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering).
Research Interest: Optical fiber communication & GSM Technology.
Experience: Two years.
Satya Prakash Mishra, B.Tech
Area of Interest: Basic Electrical Engineering & Electronic Circuits.
Specialization: B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering).
Research Interest: Signal Processing & chip designing.
Experience: Three years.
Awards: Gold Medalist in C debugging from SNCET.
Rifat Jahan, B.Tech
Area of Interest: Wireless Communication, Network Analysis & Synthesis etc.
Specialization: B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering).
Research Interest: Biometrics & security System,etc.

ME Branch

Prof. M S Ansar, HOD Mechanical Engineering, MTech, BTech(IIT-K)
He is a graduate of 1966 batch from IIT Kanpur and post graduate with honors in mechanical engineering from UPTU 2007.
He has worked as faculty member in IERT (formerly APA), YMCA institute of engineering, Integral University and has industrial experience at Geep Flash Light Industries, Bokaro steel plant and cement cooperation of India.
In addition he has vast experience in the field of training and placement
Mr. Anoop Kumar Tripathi, B.Tech                                    
Experience:- 2 years Industry & 1 year academic
Specialization: Automobile Engineering and Engines
Ms. Priti Yadav, B.Tech                                   
Education: - B.TECH (ME)
Achievements: - Throughout honors in her academics as well as in professional education, regular topper of school and college.
Experience: - 1 year.
Research interest: - Fluid Machinery, Fluid Mechanics, AUTO CAD
Zeeshan,  B.Tech                                           
Education: - B.TECH
Specialization:- AUTO CAD Software and Hardware,Mechanics,CAD Designing,Automobile
Ankit Shukla, B.Tech                         
Experience:- 3 years Industry & 1 year Academic
Research interest:- Medicinal Instrumentation
Neeraj Tiwari, B.Tech                                       
Education:- B.TECH
AMIT KUMAR, B.Tech                                               
Education:- B.TECH
Experience:- 2 YEARS(INDUSTRY)

Department of Science & Humanities

Dr. D N Pandey (Dean Academics)                                    
Education:-M.Sc., PhD
Specialization: Physics
Experience:- Over 15 years of experiece at various levels. Dr. Pandey holds excellent academic record and has been invovled in number of research in Physcis & Mathematics.
ANKITA SRIVASTAVA: Asst.Professor (Physics)                                   
Education: - M.Sc, B.Ed
Area of Interest:Nuclear, atomic physics& electronics
Experience:one and a half year.

Dr. Rakesh Agarwal (Mathematics)  
Education: M.Sc.,Ph.d

Experience : 6 years
Dr.Rajesh Kumar Pal (Physics)
Area of Interest : Teaching
Qualification: M.Sc., PhD
Specialization: Solid State Physics
Experience: 4 years

Dr.Kaneez Fatima (Chemistry)
Qualification: M.Sc.,PhD
Area of Interest: Organic Chemistry
Experience : 4 years
MANISHA AGNIHOTRI, Asst.Professor (Mathematics)
Qualification : M.Sc
Specialization: Mathematics
Area of Interest:Numerical Analysis
Experience:One Year

KAMLENDRA YADAV,Asst.Professor (Environmental Science) 
Qualification: M.Sc.,M.Phil.
Specialization: Environmental Impact Assessment
Area of interest : Environmental analysis of heavy metal
Experience: 3.6 Years