Vision Global School-Aligarh

Affiliated to CISCE Board. From PG to Class 12th

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A school is not only a building with classrooms. It is the place where your child grows in all spheres of life. It is the place which should provide him multitude options of becoming another Albert Einstein, or another Sachin Tendulkar. Another Mother Theresa or another Amitabh Bachchan.  At often label our working as “vision with a mission”. The mission is to allow your child to grow in all dimensions of life.

Library                   Our library is furnished with over 5000 books and 105 audio visuals. These books range from fiction to novels and short stories and drama to environmental issues, science, history, geography and general knowledge. Besides these there are a number of Journals and periodicals and two National dailies subscribed so that the students can avail of the best to increase their knowledge. (Please visit our website for up-to-date list of library books)
School Library, which is also a resource centre, is equipped with the internet facilities. There is apparently a world wide web for students to search for knowledge and gather latest information. The school curriculum is designed as to have every teacher take his or her students at least once every week to the library. The General Knowledge classes are also conducted in the library with teachers simply giving questions and students searching the answers in the books. The teachers are thus more of felicitators of knowledge and the students are not stuck in the rut of the rote.
The library becomes a very powerful tool used by the students in their project work efficiently thus bringing in an element of research into our educational process.

Computer Laboratory              The Computer Laboratory has become a very important learning centre with almost the entire staff of VGS using computers in daily working. Students right from Class 1 are exposed to the computer. The ratio of computers to students is nearly 1:1 for each class, with every child having one computer individually to him /her.
Besides learning the configuration of a computer and its peripheries, a student gets acquainted with the various functions of the computer. He gets to realize the importance of Computers in everyday life by performing simple tasks like storing information and data in files and folders, writing   programs making simple software for his own needs and typing letters and other materials just to name a few.
We have branded HCL P-4 computers. Our Vision Campus is Wi-Fi enabled with all systems of LAN/Wireless LAN.

Subject Laboratories               Vision Global School maintains well furnished and equipped separate subject laboratories to create interest of the students and to allow them to understand the relevance of all they learn in books. We have a separate Physics laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, and Biology Laboratory. We also have separate Mathematics Laboratory, Geography room, an Art & Craft room and a big Activity Hall The laboratories and subject/activity rooms allow the students to move far beyond the classroom and books to a newer dimension of “know by doing” principle.

Sports facility                  The sports department is fully equipped for games like cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis, kho-kho, handball, basketball, taekwondo, and judo. We also have provision for indoor games like carom and chess. Besides the activity periods, the sports periods serve as good outlets for students to show their talents on the field.
Sports periods are taken in all earnestness just as much as any teaching periods since the sports officer of the school is responsible not only in imparting the practical aspects of the game but also getting the theoretical aspects and logistics in the right perspective.
Our 40 acres of campus has separate Football and cricket grounds, hockey field, basketball, volleyball, badminton and lawn-tennis courts. There is a separate area earmarked for judo/taekwondo and kho-kho. We have both grass-court and hard-court of lawn tennis. The sports field has seen many a good talents, and in years to come we are sure that we may be contributing to the country many a good sportsman and sportswoman.

Conveyance                      The school offers conveyance for students residing at distances of more than 2 km. The pickup and drops are at the stop nearest the home. We at school strongly believe in contributing to social cause by not causing traffic congestion and abstaining from both noise and vehicular pollution. It is therefore our humble request to all our respected parents to bear with us in that a door step pickup or drop cannot be provided.
Transport plies between adjoining areas like Hathras, Sasni, Aligarh and the remote rural areas like Kaumari.

Medical & Health                       The school maintains a well equipped first aid center under the care of a trained nurse. Medical facilities are provided to the student regularly, under the care of a part-time qualified Medical Officer. Regular records of weight, height, inoculation, etc. are maintained.

Publications                     The school publishes one calendar Diary every year. The school Chronicle is published annually.

School Canteen                The school canteen operates during the school hours and provides nourishing & delicious eatables at moderate rates.

Book Shop, Stationery & Uniforms           The school maintains a well equipped Book Shop to provide prescribed books for all classes on payment. All stationery items as required by students and the approved items of school uniform are also made available on payment


VGS-Shahpur Madrak, Aligarh-Agra Highway,10 km frm Sasni Gate.
Tel:8449600062, 068,  065, 042; 8392878632, 633, 634,