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Role of Brokers in Today’s world

 A direct insurance broker, is in a strategically advantageous position of offering a totally flexible approach to your insurance portfolio. The access to all constituents of the insurance sector, both public and private, enables him to negotiate the most competitive rates & maximize the scope of your required level of insurance cover. Unlike an agent or an employee who represents a single insurance company, a Broker represents the client and not the insurer. Further a Broker assess plans and risk insurance on offer by all available insurance companies. Our services to clients are free of charge and include comprehensive insurance cover to cater to a variety of disparate needs whether corporate, institutional, group or personal lines of insurance as well as risk management analysis where we suggest ways and means of minimizing your risk exposure. 

Functions of a Broker:

  • Obtaining detailed information of the client's business and risk management philosophy.
  • Familiarizing with the client business and underwriting information so that this can be explained to insurers.
  • Rendering advice on appropriate covers and terms.
  • Maintaining detailed knowledge of available insurance products.
  • Submitting quotations received from insurers for consideration of the client.
  • Providing requisite underwriting information as required by insurers in assessing the risk to decide pricing terms and conditions for covers.
  • Acting promptly on instructions from clients and providing him written acknowledgements and progress reports.
  • Assisting clients in paying premium under section 64 VB of insurance act, 1938.
  • Providing services related to insurers consultancy and risk management.
  • Assisting in the documentation and negotiation of the claims and
  • Maintaining proper records of claims.